Zn-Al Flakes Coating

Service Overview

Zinc Flake organic coating offers high performance corrosion protection and long durability on the screws, without risk of hydrogen embrittlement. The process consists on zinc and aluminum lamella flakes dissolved in a solvent/water base. The combination of different bases and topcoats enables it customization for specific requirements: corrosion resistance improvement, specific color or friction coefficient with integrated lubricants or applied over the base coat.


  • Excellent corrosion resistance, from 240h to 720h, higher values can be obtained for certain dimensions.
  • No risk of hydrogen embitterment as it’s not an electrolytic process and no hydrogen is involved in the application process.
  • Solvent resistance.
  • It complies with ELV and RoHS European Environmental Directives, it’s free of Cr VI, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury.