MoS2 Coatings

Service Overview

A Molybdenum Disulfide coating (also known as Molybdenum Disulphide, MoS2, and Moly) is one of the most commonly used solid film lubricants in applications where load carrying capacity, operating pressure, and/or coefficient of friction are primary concerns. Its lamellar lattice molecular structure helps it to create a permanent bond with the surface it is applied to.

An MoS2 coating is a dry film lubricant that works by intrinsic slippage of the sulfur atoms (weak Van der Waals forces). This helps reduce wear on the parts and improve coefficient of friction. The coating is made up of high purity molybdenum disulfide powder. Our Molybdenum Disulfide coatings do not require thermal curing and are thoroughly bonded to the base of the coated part.



  • MoS2 coatings form a dry and clean layer of lubrication, which does not get affected by moisture, oils, greases, dust, or dirt.
  • Once these coatings are used, they offer a long-lasting lubrication. They do not undergo oxidation, evaporation, or aging. MoS2 offers exceptional resistance to corrosion as compared to plating.
  • These coatings offer excellent rust prevention without the need of any surface treatments.
  • Moly coatings offer a non-staining, and non-flammable protection for plastics and metals.